Formosa Coffee from Taiwan to enter the US market with its locally grown beans

Formosa Coffee from Taiwan to enter the US market with its locally grown beans

November 22 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Formosa Coffee, a major coffee grower in Taiwan, is targeting the US market with its own blend of locally sourced coffee beans that delivers an authentic and rich taste for coffee lovers. 

Taiwan is known as a major exporter of tea, but the coffee industry is catching up in recent years, with Formosa Coffee as a leading pioneer. Made possible by the lush highland coffee cultivation led by local farmers, the company is primed to offer coffee that has characteristics US consumers will find fresh and new. 

These distinctive characteristics are partly due to the extensive tea planting in Taiwan, which infuses newly grown coffee beans with additional floral scents. As such, when compared to other options available in the global market, Formosa Coffee's offerings are lighter and more refreshing.

"With Taiwan's reputation as a great source of tea, Formosa Coffee is hoping to do the same for coffee. Combining high-quality ingredients and proven methods of producing great coffee, it is the perfect time to introduce the world to premium coffee that is only made possible with the lay of the land and our local farmers," shared Darren Zhang, CEO of Formosa Coffee. 

A key offering is Champion Alishan Coffee, which is grown in plantations surrounded by high mountains amid a cool climate with fresh air and temperatures of about 10.6°C throughout the year. Due to the special conditions in the area, only a small quantity is able to be hand-harvested for each batch to maintain the quality levels. 

This particular variety of coffee beans is further enhanced by washed processing, whereby friction between beans and running water is used to wash the coffee beans until they are smooth and clean. It gives a unique non-bitter and non-astringent taste, and its rich and mellow flavor includes notes such as honey-flavored black tea, jasmine, sweet white sugar cane, and almond. 

In addition DaWu Mountain Coffee from Pingtung which is sourced from the North DaWu Mountains, are only grown organically at high altitudes. To maintain the essence of the coffee, a small number of coffee beans is put through a roasting machine to produce a thick body taste that is sweet and contains a slightly fruity, floral aroma. That is further balanced with the nutty base aroma that is fragrant, smooth, and mellow, with a fascinating aftertaste.

Having achieved the required global recognition of HACCP, ISO 22000, and Organic Certifications, Formosa Coffee is in an excellent position to offer a one-stop service from production to manufacturing, as well as packaging for the final product for new markets.