Luxardo Espresso liqueur based in Italy enters the U.S. market

Luxardo Espresso liqueur based in Italy enters the U.S. market

November 3 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Luxardo, Italy's preeminent artisanal liqueur producer known for creating essential ingredients for modern and classic cocktails, introduces Luxardo Espresso Liqueur: a traditional Italian liqueur obtained from a selected variety of fine coffee sourced from around the world. As the inventors of espresso, they understand that an espresso-based drink – when made well, can change everything. With the Espresso Martini dominating cocktail menus from coast to coast, the opportunity was ripe to introduce Luxardo Espresso Liqueur to the U.S. – elevating the experience in true Italian fashion. 

Luxardo Espresso Liqueur puts the tradition back into this year's most popular drink in the U.S., the Espresso Martini. Tasting notes contain dark chocolate and bitter espresso aroma, a bold and rich espresso flavor with hints of sweet vanilla. Luxardo Espresso Liqueur perfectly crafts an elevated espresso cocktail or is fitting for a sweet after-dinner treat neat or on the rocks.

Luxardo Espresso Liqueur Makes Its U.S. Debut

"Much like the heritage of the espresso in Italian culture, Luxardo holds a legacy in Italian artisanal spirits that spans more than 200 years," said Matteo Luxardo, Export Director for Luxardo. "At Luxardo, we are excited to launch Luxardo Espresso Liqueur with deep Italian roots that are essential for crafting cocktails that are highly celebrated in American culture."

Imported by Hotaling & Co., Luxardo Espresso Liqueur contains 137 mg of caffeine per ounce of liqueur and has a unique deep rich brown hue complimented by the taste of dark chocolate and bold espresso notes. It is an all-natural product with no added coloring agents and is the latest innovation in Luxardo's growing portfolio. 

"Most products offered in this category are coffee-based liqueurs, which means your Espresso Martini likely won't have that rich vein of espresso flavor," said Brian Radics, Chief Marketing Officer of Hotaling & Co. "Luxardo is the quintessential Italian brand to perfectly craft an espresso liqueur for an authentic, ultra-premium tasting Espresso Martini. We believe consumers and bartenders will find new indulgence in sophisticated espresso-based cocktails with Luxardo Espresso Liqueur."

LUXARDO® is Italy's premier liqueur producer, creating essential ingredients for modern and classic cocktails. Founded in 1821 by Girolamo Luxardo, the company is still family-owned and managed by the sixth generation of the Luxardo Family. Based in Torreglia, located in the Veneto Region in northeastern Italy, the Luxardo Family cultivates around 30,000 of their exclusive Marasca Cherry trees, a proprietary varietal of sour cherries.