Terra Kaffe based in Brooklyn unveils TK-02, smart espresso machine for ultra-customized home brewing

Terra Kaffe based in Brooklyn unveils TK-02, smart espresso machine for ultra-customized home brewing

October 15 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Terra Kaffe, the Brooklyn-based coffee technology brand unveils its next generation, super automatic coffee machine, TK-02, which is now available for pre-order on its website. TK-02 takes what users love about their favorite café and brings that reliability and excellence into the home, using whole bean coffee, new proprietary precision brewing technology, and smart connectivity to craft ultra-customized drinks by users, roasters, baristas, and more. The highly automatic coffee machine on the market capable of brewing both true drip coffee and espresso, TK-02 is the next big thing in pod-free coffee — a continuation of Terra Kaffe's commitment to removing plastic and aluminum waste out of the trash bin.

The TK-02 retails at $1,400 and is available for pre-order online starting October 13 at terrakaffe.com/.

With details designed in direct response to deep insights gathered from the TK-01 community, all TK-02 features either address a piece of documented customer feedback or further enhance an element customers know and love.

Special features of the TK-02 include: 

 Best-in-Class Precision 

 A barista-grade smart scale, delivering weight-based dosing down to 1/10th of a gram (patent-pending). 

 Hybrid brew unit, to seamlessly and expediently switch between espresso-based drinks & drip coffee. 

 Automatic grind adjustment for intelligent automatic adjustment to different espresso and drip coffee profiles, as well as bean types (patent pending). 

 Larger group head, allowing for brewing of up to 16 grams of ground coffee per drink. Unique level of drink customization (enabled by IoT software). 

 An external, brushed stainless-steel precision milk frothing dial to adjust aeration. 

 An intuitive high-resolution, 5-inch capacitive touch display (largest on the market). Self-cleaning capabilities, removing the need for manual deep cleans or rinses. 

 Larger water tank, bean hopper, and waste bin, all achieved with an even smaller overall machine footprint. 

 Front accessing and loading for all primary touch-points.

Another standout feature of TK-02 is its all-new proprietary mobile app that creates even more opportunities for intuitive use. With the app, users can:

 Create and save custom espresso and drink profiles that roasters can upload by each bean type and coffee blend. 

 View machine-at-a-glance features (cleaning status, bean hopper level, et cetera). 

 Access a wide range of café-grade pre-programmed drinks. 

 Take advantage of enabled guest access on other TK-02s (offering a "coffee passport" to use on different machines). 

 Auto sleep/wake timer and brew-from-bed functionality. 

 Simplified re-order of coffee and care & cleaning supplies. 

 All TK-02 features are rounded out with a continued commitment to design inspired by the Bauhaus & Die Brücke expressionist movements, bringing sleek simplicity to any decor. With TK-02, coffee drinkers can continue to depend on Terra Kaffe for coffee hardware that delivers the most pleasure out of their ritual by removing friction from the coffee-making process. 

Born in Berlin and raised in Brooklyn, Terra Kaffe is a coffee brand founded in 2018, with headquarters in Greenpoint. For its ability to offer at-home coffee makers a level of precision previously only available with industrial, barista-level machines, Terra Kaffe has gained a reputation with coffee industry leaders like Parlor Coffee, Onyx Coffee, Equator Coffee, and other official roaster partners. To date, they've raised $10 Million in funding and sell their products in top-tier retailers like MoMA Design Store, CB2, Saks, Nordstrom, and more.