NEXE Innovations secured its first U.S. purchase order with Awaken Brands Ventures Ltd

NEXE Innovations secured its first U.S. purchase order with Awaken Brands Ventures Ltd

October 3 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

NEXE Innovations Inc. announced that it has received its first purchase order as part of a partnership with Awaken Brands Ventures Ltd. to distribute a private label coffee K-cup brand to leading providers of food and nutrition within the workplace including factories, offices, and healthcare facilities. 

"We are pleased to have received the first purchase order from Awaken Brands and to provide them with our single-serve pods; this partnership allows NEXE an entry into the U.S. market through Awaken's strong distribution network across North America, starting with some of Awaken's notable Silicon Valley customers," says President Ash Guglani.

The partnership with Awaken Brands is the first entry point for NEXE to sell its proprietary technology of fully-compostable pods for the Keurig® Brewing Systems into Awaken's ecosystem and help companies to meet their sustainability goals. Awaken Brands creates innovative products featuring the highest quality organic medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and superfoods. They oversee the entire process that goes into making their products, right from research and product development to sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. They are committed to reducing their environmental footprint and utilizing NEXE's fully-compostable pod contributes to their goals. 

NEXE will be providing its fully compostable and proprietary pod for Awaken Brands' "ecobeans coffee" and "Urban Hippie" product lines. The partnership with Awaken Brands is expected to lead to additional co-packing superfood offerings and partnership arrangements for NEXE.

"At Awaken Brands, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint in all aspects of doing business. Our focus and vision with our products are to awaken people's relationship with self-care by providing plant-based functional products that support today's lifestyle at work, home, and play," says Alina Gogoescu, Co-Founder of Awaken Brands. "We are thrilled to have partnered with NEXE to work together to not only provide our clients with plant-based products, but we can now provide our products in NEXE fully compostable pods. We believe NEXE has developed one of the only fully-compostable plant-based pods that are able to sustain heat, water, and pressure without compromising the taste while providing one of the highest volumes per pod of our formulations in the industry." 

More than 56 billion single-serve capsules are discarded to the landfill every year, equivalent to over 400 pods per second. Virtually all of these pods end up in a landfill, with consumption of single-serve pods continuing to grow at an estimated 8.5% per year. With the launch of NEXE's compostable pod, the Company aims to provide a sustainable alternative to consumers.