President Zewde of Ethiopia recognizes the coffee sector for surpassing the annual export goal on the Coffee Day
President Zewde of Ethiopia recognizes the coffee sector for surpassing the annual export goal on the Coffee Day
September 16 - 2022
Coffee Geography Magazine

Ethiopian coffee day was celebrated in a bright way with the theme "our coffee for our togetherness and prosperity". President of the country, Mrs. Sahlework Zewde of Ethiopia was present on the event held on September 15, 2022.
Ethiopia earned 1.4 billion USD in the fiscal year starting in September2021-2022 due to strong government initiative to boost export to the global market at the time when the supply shortfall was immense in the aftermath of the Covid lockdown as well as the shipping crisis caused by the unavailability of containers.
Women coffee farmers and exporters were also among the recognized group to support their gender equality in the country’s coffee business. Coffee farm cooperatives have also been awarded and 40 farmers who won the Cup of Excellence 2022 competition have also been recognized during the event.
president Sahlework

Mrs. Sahlework Zewde, president of Ethiopia in conversation with the Minister of Agriculture

Major coffee processors and exporters played the pivotal role for beating the expectation ensuring the coffee significance in the overall economy of the country. Ardent Coffee is among the rewarded companies represented by the owner and managing executive, Ashenafi Argaw. The company is known for its high quality specialty coffee beans supplying major international buyers throughout the world.
aredent coffee
Ashenafi Argaw, CEO of Ardent Coffee meeting the president during the reward ceremony
The executive Director of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, Dr. Adugna Debela, said on the occasion “Ethiopia's foreign export in the fiscal year has recorded the highest point with 1.4 billion dollars from the coffee sector alone by shipping 300 thousand tons of coffee abroad. The implementation of the new reform by the government is directly benefiting farmers and the formation of a healthy marketing system by establishing effective sustainable growth. The implemented coffee reform is a method that allows you to market those who are in the sector. The direct link between international buyers and the farmers brings the market more competitive for all.”
adugna debela2
Executive Director of The Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority, Dr. Adugna Debela
Ethiopia is one of the major coffee exporting countries in the world which is well known for its high quality beans like Yirgachefe and Sidama. Major global coffee buyers like Starbucks, Nestle and Illy Café source their coffee to meet their unique blending standards for their customers from Ethiopia.