The Green Coffee Company turns out Colombia’s #1 largest coffee producer after major acquisition

The Green Coffee Company turns out Colombia's #1 largest coffee producer after major acquisition

July 14 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Following the acquisition of an additional 1,389 acres of coffee farmland, Part of Legacy Group, Green Coffee Company (GCC), becomes Colombia's new #1 largest coffee producer. This purchase is GCC's second key acquisition during 2022 and solidifies the company's position as Colombia's new #1 largest coffee producer. The acquisition brings GCC's total landholdings to 6,372 acres, with a total coffee tree count of 7.2 million.

Located in Salgar, Colombia adjacent to the Green Coffee Company's current farms, this new acreage will allow the business to further benefit from economies of scale through lower cost of production, greater ease of farm management and optimization of existing infrastructure capacity. 

The company has grown exponentially since its inception less than five years ago to reach this #1 position, and has a goal of becoming the world's largest producer of arabica coffee within the next 2-3 years. GCC is appropriately positioned to execute on its upcoming Series C equity funding round, which is expected to be formally announced in Q3 2022. Proceeds from the capital raise will be used to further expand operations in Colombia, building on its dominant market position, and build a U.S.-based coffee roasting operation to expand its value chain. 

The investment offering will be open to accredited individual investors, institutional investors and coffee industry participants. The Green Coffee Company is a consolidated coffee farming operation headquartered in the U.S. with operations based in Medellin, Colombia. The company's innovative business model allows for complete control of the supply chain, from cultivation, through processing, to direct trade with end-clients.