Heifer International signs strategic alliance with SalvaNATURA to support coffee farmers in Central America and restore ecosystems

Heifer International signs strategic alliance with SalvaNATURA to support coffee farmers in Central America and restore ecosystems

June 15 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Heifer International, based in Little Rock, Arkansa announced a strategic alliance with SalvaNATURA, the Ecological Foundation of El Salvador, to develop and implement projects that improve agricultural productivity, facilitate the economic advancement of coffee farmers and contribute to the protection and restoration of nature in the Northern Triangle sub-region. 

Since 1944, Heifer International has worked with smallholder farmers to build productive farming all around the world. SalvaNATURA has promoted a 10-year strategy for Central America focused on regenerative development. 

The strategy focuses on the environmental, social, cultural and economic viability of countries, relying on the integrated management of hydrographic basins and natural, human and social capitals. Regenerative development also focuses on the need to resume the functioning of ecosystems to avoid waste generation in production processes, applying nature-based solutions and ancestral knowledge to restore and regenerate ecosystems.

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The two organizations will work together to address current drivers of migration in El Salvador and the Northern Triangle region. As such, both organizations will seek opportunities to improve agricultural productivity and rural development through the adoption of best production and processing practices thus aggregating value within the market system to close the living income gap of poor smallholder farmers, create more jobs and increase sales. Oscar Castañeda, Senior Vice President for the Americas at Heifer International, said: "At Heifer International, we believe ending poverty begins with agriculture. This alliance with SalvaNATURA comes at a time when we must be more ambitious in our efforts to combat climate change. We are in the last chance saloon for real action to avoid catastrophic climate change. In this context focusing on agricultural production and climate change is essential for feeding the world while cooling the planet."

SalvaNATURA has more than 20 years' experience in sustainable certification and working with smallholder coffee farmer cooperatives. The organization's mission aligns with Heifer International's goal of supporting 10 million farmers to reach sustainable living income by 2030, ending hunger and poverty in their communities. 

Miguel Araujo, President of SalvaNATURA, celebrated this alliance, which strengthens international efforts to tackle climate change, due to Heifer International's presence in 21 countries around the world. "We owe it to our children and grandchildren to take real and urgent action to address the climate crisis. This type of alliance must be multiplied in the Americas, as well as the adoption of regenerative development, contributing to the social, environmental, cultural and well-being improvement of the communities. It is important to consider support for foreign debt swaps for regenerative development, and the Summit of the Americas, which starts next week, is an appropriate forum to discuss it."