Cup of Excellence kicks off selection program for high quality coffee beans’ auction from farmers

Cup of Excellence kicks off selection program for high quality coffee beans’ auction from farmers

May 30 - 2022

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Since 1990 Cup of Excellence has forwarded top winning auction prizes for the best coffee from individual farms throughout the world. Utilizing a stringent competition and selection process the Cup of Excellence has fundamentally changed the entire high quality coffee industry and in fact has created and supported advances in farming and premiums to farmers that would have been impossible without it. For the last couple of weeks, COE launched this year’s crucial selection program in El Salvador, Honduras, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Yemen where farmers are showcasing their sample coffee beans to win the auction prizes. Even farmers from the war torn Yemen joined the competition by bringing their renowned Arabica to the global market. 

The COE international and national jury in El Salvador selected 27 winners, 4 Presidential Award winners with over 8 varieties represented including single and mixed lots and 3 Regions represented with the following breakdown: 17 natural, 5 washed, 3 natural anaerobic, 1 honey and 1 honey-natural mix. This auction will be held in July 21st by COE. The national winner from El Salvador are 12 from 4 regions with the breakdown of: 7 natural, 4 washed, 1 natural anaerobic. This auction will be held on July 18th – 29th. Interested participants need to register for a sample set and get ready for the auctions in July!


Winners from El Salvador

The national stage of the competition in Honduras is underway with 75 coffees to be selected on the top 40.


COE National Stage in Honduras

Qima Coffee and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) are thrilled to host the Best of Yemen 2022 Private Collection Auction (PCA), celebrating and showcasing some of Yemen's best coffee. To highlight and honor Yemeni coffee’s role in promoting peace and development in Yemen, this year’s auction theme will be “Catalyzing Peace and Prosperity.” After running a series of successful Yemen-focused auctions, Qima Coffee and ACE launched the Best of Yemen auction program last year. The aim is to facilitate market access for Yemen’s entire coffee farming community. Unlike the previous auctions that were open only to farmers from Qima’s network, the Best of Yemen was developed as a platform for any coffee farmer in Yemen to participate and have their coffees amongst the winning lots. Through this year’s theme of “Catalysing Peace and Prosperity”, the auction will aim to showcase and raise awareness of coffee’s critical role as a force of peace, stability, and hope for Yemeni farmers and Yemenis at large. COE noted to stay tuned for more and save the date for the auction from Yemenis best coffee on August 9th, 2022.

Sample sets for the inaugural Super Mujeres auction - highlighting the amazing women coffee producers of Nicaragua are now available. The winning coffees are 18 with 11 certified organic coffees where the varieties include: Pacamara, Bourbon, Catimor, Marsellesa Caturra, Catuai and Maragogype in which the processes include Honey 1, Washed 13, Natural 4 from 3 Regions represented from Jinotega, Nueva Segovia, Madriz. Register on COE for sample set.

The National Stage in Ethiopia has been held by COE from May 23 -27 in presence of COE’s Executive Director, Darrin Daniel who has full acquaintance throughout the coffee growing regions. The international and national jury selected 40 top coffees out of the 150 pre-selected winners and more detail will be released by COE for the Auction dates and more.

coe ethiopia
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On May 20, the award ceremony of the Mexico Cup of Excellence contest for 2022 was held in Teotihuacan, in which the work of national and international judges, technical team, Audit was recognized and the work in quality was celebrated of the winning coffees of the producers.


On this occasion there were 5 presidential prizes which are awarded to the coffees that reached 90 points or more.