Tchibo unveils the best of Brazil: The new Qbo Premium Coffee Beans from the Coopfam cooperative

Tchibo unveils the best of Brazil: The new Qbo Premium Coffee Beans from the Coopfam cooperative

May 18 - 2022

Three times a year, the Qbo Premium Coffee Beans are freshly harvested in a different country of origin. The four new Qbo premium coffees – filter coffee and caffècrema, each in mild or strong – come from the Coopfam cooperative in Brazil and are Fairtrade certified. Tchibo’s current Qbo harvest comes from Brazil - the world's largest coffee-growing region. Optimal cultivation conditions meet social and ecological commitment on the Coopfam in south-eastern Brazil. The Coopfam cooperative is located in Poço Fundo in the state of Minas Geras. The plantations are located on very steep slopes at altitudes of up to 1,300 meters, which makes the coffee cherries ripen slowly for the best quality.

minas gerais

In addition to growing coffee, the farmers’ community, which are numbered over 500 farmers, enables valuable social, economic and ecological projects. Tchibo has been supporting them since 2014 as part of a partnership project. There are structural developments and management with skilled agronomists and sustainability officers working as a team. The 100% Arabica coffee from Fairtrade certified cultivation with a variety of flavor profiles is highly needed for customers and roasters on the other end of the value chain. The profile from this particular region is mild filter coffee is harmonious with a slight acidity and is reminiscent of honey and tangerine. Its strong opponent, on the other hand, tastes full-bodied with a rich body and leaves notes of plum and roasted almonds. The mild CaffèCrema is characterized by its soft character, reminiscent of marzipan and caramel. The strong CaffèCrema has hints of cocoa and cardamom, which give it an intense expression. The Qbo Premium Coffee Beans will be available everywhere from Tchibo from 9 May 2022 in 250 g packs for €4.99 each - but only while stocks last.

Tchibo operates around 900 shops, over 24,300 retail depots and national online shops in eight countries. In addition to coffee and the single-serving systems Cafissimo and Qbo, the company uses this multi-channel sales system to offer weekly changing non-food ranges and services such as travel or mobile communications. In 2020, Tchibo achieved sales of EUR 3.13 billion with around 11,420 employees internationally. Tchibo is the roasted coffee market leader in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary and is one of the leading e-commerce companies in Europe. The family company, founded in Hamburg in 1949, has received several awards for its sustainable business policy: in 2012 the prize for business ethics and the environmental prize for logistics, and in 2013 the CSR prizes from the federal government and the EU. In 2016, Tchibo was recognized as the most sustainable large company in Germany.