Casa Baldoni, a coffee estate to visit during your travel to Brazil

Casa Baldoni, a coffee estate to visit during your travel to Brazil

May 02 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

As world’s top coffee producer, Brazil is frequented by many traders and others who are involved in the coffee business sector. And of course Minas Gerais is the center of all the coffee farming where large and small farmers process their coffee beans in different scales. Casa Baldoni is situated in this strategic location to host coffee tourists and business travelers who are coming to this vast coffee farming region offering wide range of quality services with Italian luxurious accommodations. Coffee Geography Magazine got the opportunity to meet Evandro Baldoni, head of this exclusive coffee farm estate to learn more about the amenities that are offered on the coffee plantation's route across the region.


The Baldoni Family who came from Fabriano, Italy arrived in Brazil in 1895 during the early development of the coffee establishment. From one generation to the next, the family has been working in coffee farming, roasting and serving coffee lovers at their exclusive estate with various amenities. Casa Baldoni organizes tours for visitors through captivating coffee plantations and arranges special programs "from the coffee tree to the cup experience" offering a careful description of the production processes and the refining of premium coffee. The tour highlights different grade commercial, special and premium coffee beans production in the region. During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the Brazilian coffee plantations and enjoy the stunning landscapes and scenery along the way.


In its well equipped coffee laboratory, Casa Baldoni provides a mesmerizing moment of roasting highly selected premium green beans with the narrative of the process in the roaster minute by minute. Then visitors go through coffee tasting programs with the help of Q-graders with years of experience to find different profiles for each batch of roasted beans. The accommodation at Baldoni’s stretched with more attractions at the coffee estate with luxury lodges and outdoor activities like horseback riding and quad bike tours for tourists and business travelers.

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Minas Gerais is by far Brazil's most important coffee-producing state, as nearly half of the entire country's coffee production is based here. Rich soils and higher elevations in this region make it perfect for growing the country's most famous specialty coffees. Visitors flock to this region from all over the world to do business and study the world coffee supply source.