Marcos Matos, head of Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council in a week long trade diplomacy to major cities in Italy

Marcos Matos, head of Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council in a week long trade diplomacy to major cities in Italy

March 17 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

The Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council (Cecafé) in partnership with the Brazilian Embassy in Rome and the Santos Coffee Museum launced a series of promotional campaign to promote the image of Brazilian coffee farming, focusing on sustainability, quality and diversity, in Italy, which is the worlds key coffee buyer. During the program, the General Director of Cecafé, Marcos Matos, participated, in a roundtable organized by the “Associazione Italia Brasile” together with the Embassy, the Consulate General of Brazil in Milan and the Italo-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce of São Paulo (ITACALM). In his statement to the media, Matos highlighted Cecafé's role in maintaining high levels of Brazilian shipments even in times of pandemic and global logistics crisis. “The acceptance of Italians for information about our sector and Brazilian coffees as a whole is very high, as is the knowledge they have. We exposed our actions in compliance with the ESG criteria and this contributed to further improving the product's image in Italy”, said Matos.

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The Executive Director of Museu do Café de Santos, Alessandra Almeida, also participated in the event and explained that the institution receives about 350 thousand visitors annually, in addition to more than 100 thousand virtual visits and has approximately 150 thousand followers on social networks. She pointed out that, through research, exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, cultural and educational activities, the Coffee Museum preserves and disseminates the history and traditions of Brazilian coffee growing, which are closely linked to Italy thanks to the intense immigration process that took place over centuries.

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Alessandra also highlighted the repositioning to which the institution is dedicating itself, which foresees the approximation with all segments of the coffee production chain in contemporary times and in the internationalization of its actions. The institutions and representatives of the coffee diplomacy team in Italy have also participated, in Rimini, in “SIGEP The Dolce World Expo”, the main B2B fair in the world dedicated to the foodservice industry of desserts and coffee, considered a meeting point to exchange ideas, trends and views, presented annually by experts and opinion makers in the sector. In a lecture given at the event, Matos presented an overview of the Brazilian coffee crop, investments in research and technology and environmental and socioeconomic sustainability throughout the production chain. “We highlight all the work and investment that Brazil has made, increasingly sustainably and respecting ESG criteria, and the performance of our exports to Italy, with special emphasis on the advancement of sales of differentiated coffees, thanks to our growing and constant quality and sustainability, which attracted a lot of attention from those present”, he reveals. The director also presented Cecafé's Social Responsibility and Sustainability (RSS) projects, such as “Informed Producer” and “Criança do Café na Escola”; detailed the “Carbon Project”, which is in the final phase for the presentation of results; the social initiatives developed in partnership with the Global Coffee Platform and the National Pact Institute for the Eradication of Slave Labor (InPACTO) focused on good labor practices; and the “Café Seguro” program, with an environmental focus, more specifically focused on the issue of waste limits. “All these initiatives express the concern we have with socio-environmental governance, without forgetting the economic side of all actors in the production chain, especially coffee growers. We are proud that Brazil is the world's largest provider of the Free on Board price to producers, with rates always above 80% of the value received in exports”, he highlights. Next Friday, March 18, at the “Accademia del Caffè Espresso”, in Fiesole, province of Florence, Tuscany, the “Brazilian Coffee Day” will be held, when Cecafé, the Embassy and the Museum will open the exhibition “Viaggio nella terra del caffé”, in an event that will feature seminars, such as “L'importanza del Museo per la conservazione della storia e per le riflessioni della società civile”, with Alessandra Almeida, and “Il caffè brasiliano e il consumption in Italia” , with Marcos Matos; tasting of Brazilian specialty coffees and musical performance of chorinho. The curatorship focuses on the historical collaboration of Italian immigration to the development of coffee farming in Brazil, presenting an overview of quality, sustainability and human development in the coffee agribusiness. The exhibition is the result of the successful exhibition held in 2021 at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, as a promotional activity in October, the month of International Coffee Day. Matos considers that these promotion works carried out in Italy, in partnership with institutions and the Government of Brazil, are extremely relevant to further enhance the rich history of coffee farming in the country and strengthen ties between the two nations. “Together, Cecafé, the Brazilian Embassy and the Coffee Museum, in actions like these, value our culture, the quality, diversity and sustainability of national coffees. We are valuing a story that remains being written,” he concludes.