Waves Coffee House founder, kami Rahmati dies in a car crash

Waves Coffee House founder, kami Rahmati dies in a car crash

March 11 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

A fatal crash in Pitt Meadows claimed the life of the founder of the popular coffee chain, Waves Coffee House, Kami Rahmati. He was pronounced dead on March 5 after his car crashed in a ditch, according to Cpl. Julie Klaussner. His company, Waves Coffee House, has its head office in New Westminster where it operates 27 stores in British Colombia and Alberta, and with two more set to up this year and six more planned in places as far as Whistler and Kelowna. Kami, a Kurdish from Iran migrated to Canada 32 years ago with his wife and his son. His enduring dream to establish a successful coffee company started as a dish-washer followed by running a taxi service before putting together enough funds to buy Robin’s Donuts in Manitoba in 1996.

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“He just kept moving faster, doing different things and taking up new ventures; it all finally caught up with him,” said Kayvan, Kami’s son and president of the coffee company. Besides being so preoccupied to his business, Kami always had the time for his soccer tournament which he founded for players over the age of 55 and had 80 teams playing in it. His son added ““I am so proud of him; he sponsored 30 families from Iran over the years. Many of them even lived at our house till they got settled. He was just a very giving man.” That how he found the right name for his company, “Waves Coffee House.” Rahmati opened Waves Coffee House in 2005, with the intention to enjoy managing a single coffee shop but later franchising the business to a bigger scale. According to the police, in the early hours of the morning on March 5, the police department was reported by BC Ambulance Services that while BC Hydro was completing work in the 13900-block of Harris Rd., they located a 2021 Lexus submerged upside down in a ditch. Kami would have turned 60 on March 21. The cause of the crash is still under investigation and the police department is awaiting the coroner’s reports.