Tara Pate brought concentrated syrups with different flavors as coffee additions

Tara Pate brought concentrated syrups with different flavors as coffee additions

February 18 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Tara Pate launched a line of simple syrups for coffee to give drinkers more choice of their personal interests. Pate, armed with a consumer packaged goods marketing background, spent the last five years working for big brands like NatureBox and DripDrop Hydration out of San Francisco but moved back to the Charleston area to be closer to family at the beginning of the pandemic. It was during this time that she was furloughed from her full time job that she found herself browsing the aisles of Whole Foods and online retailers to source a simple syrup she could add to her morning ritual cup of coffee. “The pandemic had just started and I was building my at-home coffee bar. I was ordering Oatly milk and Stumptown beans but I came up empty handed when it came to my flavored sweetener. I did find a large name brand that makes simple syrups but the ingredient label wasn’t one that I felt comfortable with. I actually ended up asking my local coffee shop to sell me some of their house made syrups, and that’s when it all sort of clicked for me. I saw the gap in the market.” It took Pate just over a year and a half to launch her business, Daysie. “Google became my best friend. I was listening to hundreds of podcasts and trying to find out how and where things were manufactured. As it turns out there were several local brands with founders here in the Lowcountry who were willing to share some of their contacts and advice,” says Pate.

Tara Pate founder-daysie

Tara Pate Founder: Daysie

Studies have shown that only 2% of venture capital money ends up in the hands of women and Pate felt this pinch from the very beginning. She set out to bootstrap the endeavor by working nights and weekends as a contractor, sold closet items on Poshmark and continued to work her full time job as Director of Marketing with Butcher & Bee group. “One of the things I’m most proud of (besides how great it tastes and how clean the ingredients are) is how many women contractors I hired along the way,” says Pate. “Additionally I knew I wanted to be able to pay it forward in the future, so Daysie has a 2.1% fund which is our call to action in which 2.1% of our post tax profits will be donated to organizations who provide funding and resources to female entrepreneurs,” continues Pate. Pate launched Daysie with three signature flavors to start: Madagascar Vanilla, Coconut Almond and Salted Caramel. Each Daysie flavor is certified organic, contains natural ingredients, is made with zero preservatives, and comes in a recyclable glass container. “Whether it’s your first mug in the morning or the glass you sip when the sun sinks low, I created Daysie not-so-simple syrups to help revive my morning ritual, but there are so many other uses for it from cocktails, to mocktails, baking and more. I can’t wait to see how our customers incorporate Daysie into their lives,” says Pate. • Flavors: (sold in 3 packs for $39) • Madagascar Vanilla– anything but ordinary, pinky promise. • Coconut Almond– sweet and nutty like your Aunt Betsy, bless her heart. • Salted Caramel – our fresh take on that salty-sweet win-win. • Trio: One of each of the signature flavors