Bellwether Coffee launches Series 2 Automated Roasting System

Bellwether Coffee launches Series 2 Automated Roasting System

February 17 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Bellwether Coffee, announced the launch of its Series 2 Bellwether Automated Roasting System. With the new capabilities, roasting delicious coffee on site has never been simpler for coffee retailers. "With hundreds of customers roasting on our Series 1 Roaster, we've seen firsthand the potential for our roasters to empower coffee retailers in not only reducing their carbon footprint, but also in growing revenues and evolving their businesses to meet the needs of the current landscape," said Ricardo Lopez, founder of Bellwether Coffee. "Our new roaster is a massive step to transforming the coffee industry, making it more sustainable for the planet and accessible to all communities."

Ricardo Lopez, founder of Bellwether Coffee

Ricardo Lopez, founder of Bellwether Coffee

The Series 2 Bellwether Automated Roasting System achieves consistent artisan-quality results without the need for gas lines, ventilation or prior roasting experience. Advancing the functionality of its award-winning Series 1 Roaster, the new and improved features include: 

• 50 percent more hourly roasting capacity (three roasts per hour)

• 24" built-in touchscreen with all new software to simplify and improve the roasting experience 

• Online Marketplace featuring the industry's first click and ship ordering for Green Coffee bags, boxes, and pallets 

• Improved efficiency and durability 

• State-of-the-art armless cooling tray

Bellwether Series 2

"Our technology brings the craft of coffee roasting into a digital platform that anyone can use," said Kristen Johansen, chief product officer of Bellwether Coffee. "Our new, intuitive software enables any cafe, bakery or restaurant to take full control of their coffee program and sustainably source and roast their own incredible coffee with the touch of a button." Bellwether makes coffee roasting more accessible and sustainable. To date, 67 percent of Bellwether customers never roasted coffee before purchasing their Bellwether Roaster. Bellwether removes the common barriers of traditional coffee roasting like construction, permitting, and trained staffing. It also reduces 87% of the carbon footprint from roasting with its innovative closed loop system. With CO₂ emissions at an all-time high and traditional roasting accounting for 15 percent of the coffee industry's total CO₂ output, Bellwether makes it easy for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.