Meet Pietro Marmo, a renowned master jeweler from Italy with his collection of coffee themed pieces

Meet Pietro Marmo, a renowned master jeweler from Italy with his collection of coffee themed pieces

February 11 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Pietro Marmo from Lombardy is a well known coffee jeweler in Italy, especially after having built the smallest coffee miniatures in the world that functions with highly creative imagination that one can conceive in the art world. His works in gold and silver touched with delicate yet elusive diamonds are tailored based on the needs and desires of his exclusive customers who have known him for decades as the master jeweler. You don’t find his unique products anywhere in any jewelry stores nor on Amazon. But he always carries affordable pieces for the ordinary people to buy their interests directly from his website.

Pietro Marmo

Pietro Marmo

Fifty years ago, when he was just 15, he started working with gold in Valenza, in the province of Alessandria. Here, he worked for the first time a coffee bean in yellow gold. People say at the moment that it was a precious gift for what "a lucky charm a Chicca" meant.

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Like the jewelry, coffee in his parents’ house had an important place as many Italians always consider giving their precious times for the Espresso. He remembers the occasions when his father used to grind carefully selected roasted bean with a wooden grinder until the aroma filled the entire house, giving a mesmerizing moment for Pietro. He designed, modeled and produced jewels at the request of major jewelry brands until 1998 before his father passed away that year. Then he decided from there on to create jewels for the world of coffee, from beans to flowers to miniatures.

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Since then he is well known by many who appreciate the artistic work of jewelry in Italy, London and in Vienna where he zealously participated in coffee trade fairs. His art creativity reached almost to the uttermost to create ultra-small but functional miniature mocha in 20 mm silver and then a micro mocha in 18 kt yellow gold with diamond as a steam valve and onyx inserts, measuring 17 millimeters with full functionality to brew coffee. His brilliant creative arts caught the eyes of many in the coffee industy . It is a typical Italian artisanship with unique Pietro’s signature where no one can find any where in the world but from him but only him.