Tchibo, a major European coffee company plans to increase its market share in the Southeast U.S.

Tchibo, a major European coffee company plans to increase its market share in the Southeast U.S.

January 27 - 2022 Coffee Geography Magazine

On the heels of its one-year anniversary in the U.S., Europe's #1 coffeehouse, Tchibo has announced its expansion to the Southeastern United States. Distributed by Rainmaker Food Solutions, a distribution partner renowned for bringing better food choices to the consumer in a responsible, honest, contemporary and sustainable manner, Tchibo coffee will soon be available this spring at major retailers throughout the Southeast, including partnerships with our major national wholesalers such as SuperValu/UNFI.

"Momentum in the coffee aisle is strong. After continued growth and success with java drinkers in the Midwest, the time is right to introduce Tchibo to another region of the U.S.," said Chris Mattina, CEO, Rainmaker Food Solutions, LLC. "As a record number of consumers continue to drink coffee at home, it's essential to keep retailers replenished with a vibrant, premium brewing option. We are excited to meet this demand by offering Southeast residents a heritage brand like Tchibo." 

Chris Mattina, CEO, Rainmaker Food Solutions, LLC
Chris Mattina, CEO, Rainmaker Food Solutions, LLC

Tchibo first entered the U.S. market in 2020 in eight Midwestern markets, and soon dotted the shelves of major retailers including Meijer, Jewel-Osco, and Spartan Nash stores such as FamilyFare and Buschs, totaling close to 2,700 distribution points. Disrupting the highly competitive coffee market, Tchibo brings over 70 years of experience mastering the art and science of coffee freshness, from bean to cup.

Tchibo is arriving in the Southeast with many consumers already aware of and asking for the brand. Consumers in the region received a taste of Tchibo earlier this year, following the brand's sampling program, Million Bag Giveaway. The innovative marketing initiative was designed to "spill the beans" about the brand with coffee connoisseurs around the country and provided 250,000 consumers with 4 free bags of Tchibo coffee. Now they'll be able to find it on the shelves of retailers in their own backyard.

"What sets Tchibo apart is its commitment to a cleaner, sustainable and fresher coffee experience, and it is our goal at Rainmaker Food Solutions to continue our expansion in the Southeast and country at large. We're thrilled to bring Tchibo to new markets, and become a real part of the community," added Mattina.

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Coinciding with the Southeast launch, Tchibo has donated over 100K bags of coffee to first responders, including fire departments in Birmingham & Montgomery AL, Tampa & Miami FL, Savannah GA, New Orleans LA, Raleigh & Charlotte NC, and Chattanooga TN.

The Tchibo story in the U.S. is not complete without its bean-to-brew, no-waste coffee machine. Also available for consumers seeking a sustainable option, this award-winning, high-tech machine produces an aromatic and customized cup in seconds. Now available at Tchibo.com and Amazon, it will soon join the Tchibo ground and whole bean coffee options at retailers across the country.


Founded in 1949, now available in the U.S. and carried throughout Europe, Tchibo is the roasted coffee market leader in several European countries. In addition to coffee products, Tchibo operates a wide range of non-food businesses in Europe with a large retail arm operating in more than 900 shops, 24,300 outposts at third-party retail outlets, and online stores. Tchibo has 11,450 employees worldwide, and generated revenues of over $3.6 billion in 2019.

With global headquarters in Hamburg, the family-owned business has been recognized with multiple awards for its sustainable, fair-trade practices, including the award for Corporate Ethics and the Environmental Logistics Award and the European Union's CSR Award. In 2016 Tchibo was awarded Germany's most sustainable major enterprise.