Juan Valdez, the Colombian coffee brand, enters into Qatari and Turkish market

Juan Valdez, the Colombian coffee brand, enters into Qatari and Turkish market

November 23 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

Juan Valdez, the most representative coffee brand in Colombia, a brand owned by coffee growers, announces its arrival in Turkey and Qatar, with its first local stores.

These new stores will strengthen the expansion plan of the Colombian company in this region, to continue capitalizing opportunities in diverse market channels and creating new business opportunities.

This will allow the company to bring its premium 100% Colombian coffee and its coffee culture to the consumers of this beverage type in the Middle East, who would know how to identify and enjoy its quality.

Along with the franchisee Honest Holding, one of the most recognized local organizations in the tourism and foodservice industry in Turkey, the first store in Istanbul will be opened, a unique opportunity for the company seeking to conquer Turkish consumers around the experience and variety of Colombian coffee.

Juan Valdez in turkey

In Qatar, Ali Bin Ali Holding, one of the main economic groups and leaders in distribution in this territory, will be the partner of the Colombian brand to enter this market with its first store in the exclusive zone of Katara Village, in the city of Doha.

The arrival in this significant coffee market offers the brand the possibility to enhance the experience behind a Juan Valdez cup of coffee and show the quality of this Colombian product to Qatari consumers.

According to Sebastián Mejía, international vice-president of Juan Valdez, “the arrival in these markets represents a special opportunity for Juan Valdez, allowing to continue taking the experience and quality of our 100% Colombian premium coffee to different cultures and share Colombia’s coffee tradition.”

“We are sure that this is an important achievement for creating and capitalizing business opportunities in this territory,” he added.

In 2002, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, a nonprofit organization that represents 540,000 coffee-growing families, tasked the Juan Valdez® brand with the mission of opening different businesses around the world to create value for Colombia’s coffee growers. Ever since, every shop has been named after the icon that has represented Colombian coffee in the world for more than 50 years.