The University of Florence to launch Masters degree in coffee business

The University of Florence to launch masters degree in coffee business

September 24 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

The University of Florence is prepared to launch a master’s degree in coffee. The course aims to offer all the intricacies of the coffee business right from the history of coffee to the technologies used.

The pilot batch for the master’s degree in coffee will start in January with 24 students. The supervisor of the course, also head of university's department of agriculture, has been quoted in media reports as saying that the course will cover all aspects of the business. This will include teaching students about origins of coffee and even serving of the drink.  


“We will cover all aspects of the business. Right from the origins to the preparation and serving of the drink.,” said Francesco Garbati Pegna, head of the university’s department of agriculture, food, environment, and forestry who will closely supervise the course. 

Italian people are avid coffee drinkers. Thus, the students will get to learn about coffee from the experts. This nine-month-long course aims to provide practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

The University of Florence  is an Italian public research university that comprises 12 schools and has about 60,000 students enrolled. The 12 schools of the university are: Agriculture; Architecture; Arts; Economics; Education; Engineering; Law; Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences; Medicine and Surgery; Pharmacology; Political Science; and Psychology.

Faculties are located in traditionally strategic areas based on their subject matter. The Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Political Sciences are in the Polo delle Scienze Sociali (campus of social sciences), in the Novoli district, near the new courthouse.