ECTA announces a joint agreement for the formation of Ethiopian Coffee Association

ECTA announces a joint agreement for the formation of Ethiopian Coffee Association 

September 24 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, a government regulatory body announces the mutual signed agreement for the establishment of The Ethiopian Coffee Association with the current regional and sectorial coffee associations in the country. The joint agreement was signed by the Ethiopian Coffee Producers, Sidama Coffee Suppliers, Oromia Coffee Producers/Suppliers, Southern Coffee Suppliers, Ethiopian Coffee Exporters and Ethiopian Women in Coffee Associations.

The regional associations are now working with fragmented structure which will be now possible under the Ethiopian Coffee Association to work together and advance the national coffee business interest of the country. The ECA is expected to have a bargaining power to represent all stakeholders at the international arena as well as to negotiate with the government for their mutual interest. Coffee is the top foreign currency earner for the country and it will have a strong influence in the country and to the decision makers. 

Ethiopia Coffee and Tea Authority

According to ECTA, the prospective new association will bring the Ethiopian coffee more competitive in the international market as well as making the coffee farmers the most beneficial from their products. Ethiopia is one of the top three Arabica coffee producers in the world with highly appraised regionally identified coffee beans like Sidama, Yirgacheffe, Harar, Kaffa, Jimma, Limu and Bebeka coffee beans. European and American roasters both large and medium size coffee companies use Ethiopian beans in their specific blending style to meet their clients’ accustomed flavor which is sometimes difficult to replace it easily with other varieties. For that reason, most of these companies have established close relationship with their suppliers in the country in order to sustainably maintain the quality of the products. The establishment of the Ethiopian Coffee Association is expected to strengthen such international links and bring advanced technologies to expand the coffee production in non coffee regions in the country.