Brazil Frost May Cut up to 2m Coffee Bags in 2022.

Brazil Frost May Cut up to 2m Coffee Bags in 2022. 

July 23 - 2021

Coffee Geography Magazine

The unusual freezing frost in Brazil’s main coffee producing regions damaged quite large areas of coffee farms causing serious alarm in the international coffee markets. Futures for arabica beans in New York jumped  nearly 13% in response to the frosts to a 7 year high. The first frost was recorded on July 20 according to Brazil’s National Meteorology Institute, Inmet, in Minas Gerais with -1degree Celsius or 28F. The damage is still under review by Brazil’s coffee agency on Wednesday. The frost is dealing growers a second blow after a severe drought left fields parched and depleted reservoirs needed for irrigation.

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Francisco Cesar Di Giacomo, a farmer in Sao Goncalo do Sapucai in Minas Gerais, said frost affected about 60% of his plantings. “In some areas of the farm, it burnt all the crop,” Di Giacomo said by text message.

 Cooxupe, Brail’s exporter and coffee co-op announced that its experts visited the farms on Wednesday to  assess the situation on the ground. It plans to release a report in the coming days.

Thiago Cazarini, a broker from South Minas, said preliminary estimates from exporters point to a potential reduction of 1 to 2 million bags in next year's crop.


"For a accurate review, proper time is needed. We will find the right assessment data next week." he said.

Jose de Silva, a farmer in Minas Gerais said "We knew it would be cold, but not this cold. It is unusual to witness such freezing frost to this degree.

Ana Carolina Alves Gomes, a coffee analyst at Minas Gerais agriculture federation Faemg, said frosts were reported also in the South of Minas Gerais and in the Mogiana area in Sao Paulo state.

"Only time will tell how much will be lost. We already had a small crop this year," she said.


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