COE: El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence 2021 winner Ever Leonel Díaz Pérez passed

COE: El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence 2021 winner Ever Leonel Díaz Pérez passed

April 26 - 2022

Coffee Geography Magazine

Cup of Excellence expressed its condolences for the loss of El Salvador Cup of Excellence 2021 1st place winner Ever Leonel Díaz Pérez. Through passion and commitment to quality and excellence, Ever was instrumental in elevating the specialty coffee industry, both figurately and literally; his coffee was last year’s highest-scoring coffee. Ever won 3d place in 2020, 13th place in 2019, 4th place in 2018 and 23rd place in 2017.

He has helped to put El Salvador coffee on a trajectory of some of the world’s most loved coffee. A rock star coffee producer. A father. A husband. And incredibly committed to advancing excellence in coffee.

We are sharing his story with you:

“I was 16 years old when my passion for coffee began, planting Pacamara because I liked its size - at that time I did not know anything about coffee, and thank God I planted the best coffee in El Salvador. It has cost me so much, but it is my pride that each plant I have is produced from the nurseries and every night at 9 o’clock on the farm only with a lamp but thank God today I have many awards. I have managed to reach many markets, now I know that all the difficulties that I went through were not in vain and it is my pride to tell the buyers that for 5 consecutive years I have participated in the Cup of Excellence; that my coffee is one of the best in El Salvador. If I counted everything that happened, we are not finished. So, I hope in the auction to have a good price.” Ever leaves behind his wife, Norelvia Elias, who placed 11th in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition last year, and three children. May his memory live on forever.