Parisians Return to their Favorite Cafes after France Eases Covid-19 lockdown Restrictions

Parisians Returns to their Favorite Cafes after France eases Covid-19 lockdown restrictions

June 4 - 2021 Coffee Geography Magazine

Parisians now can return to their exquisite cafe terraces after a six-month restriction.

The famous terraces and rooftop gardens where once 60 million visitors from all over the world flocked to enjoy every year are now booked out by locals as tourists.

Museums, cinemas and theatres are also reopening ahead of a full-scale unlocking of the economy on June 30. 

les deux magots
Paris is the city of outdoors cafes where the famous American writer, Ernest Hemingway depicts the 1920s cafés in the Sun Also Rises (1926).  A city bursting at the seams with fabulous sidewalk cafés, bars and restaurants  renowned for their famous clientele – from ex-pat writers like Hemingway to contemporary authors, artists and celebrities – there are plenty of haunts in Paris where you can sit at a table and sip your cocktail in the same spot Camus once did, or drink absinthe where Hemingway regularly got plastered.While there are many equally great and lesser known cafés, some of the most famous Parisian cafés and bars are sightseeing destinations in themselves. From the birthplace of the Bloody Mary to the hangout of Picasso and Hemingway, you can sit and soak up the artistic vibes from generations past and hope some of that literary genius still hangs in the air.
La Rotonde

The lockdown turned this stunning city into a ghost town for six months. It is also great news for many foreign tourists in the coming months to prepare their trip to Paris once again.

"We are glad to be able to welcome you again," staff of the Louvre, the world's most visited museum, wrote on its website.

People have now confidence to go out for their regular activities including having a nice cup of coffee in the morning with friends and family after getting themselves immunized for future outbreak of the same type. 

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